WEEE number: Amazon makes it easier to sell electrical appliances

As soon as Amazon changes a procedure, it usually becomes even more complicated than it already is. But selling electrical appliances on Amazon is now easier for licensees of the AURUM brand.

All the retailer has to do is send us their retailer token. To do this, please click on the cogwheel at the top right of the “Amazon seller central”, then on “Account info” and then on “Your Merchant Token”.

We will then add the seller token to the brand and you will receive an email from Amazon with a confirmation link where you can agree to sell electrical appliances under the AURUM brand in the future. The first sales of electrical appliances should be possible around 24 hours later.

Becoming a licensee of our AURUM brand is easy and extremely inexpensive at just 50 euros per year. Please complete the form at www.weee-nummer.com/en/ and submit it online. We will get back to you promptly and let you know how you can easily sell electrical appliances on eBay, Amazon and many other trading platforms!