DCPTG is a scam

Since the late summer of 2023, a fraudulent pyramid scheme has been established under the name DCPTG, not only in German-speaking countries, but also in other countries, whose operators promise “passive income with just 3 clicks a day”. This is said to be “a blockchain-based AI trading system for cryptocurrencies” that claims to detect alleged … Read more

Longevity: How NMN is changing the world

Nothing that lives lasts forever. Everything has its time. However, we have recently been able to significantly extend the period during which people can live a healthy life. An absolute limiting factor for our lifespan is currently still the shortening of the telomeres of our body cells. They lose potential with every cell division. Physical … Read more

Spam-free contact form without captcha

Spam costs lives and working time. That is why you should not publish your e-mail address on the Internet, but set up a contact form instead. Such forms can be protected from spam with captchas – if they are complicated enough to present robots with unsolvable tasks. But not every adult customer likes to choose … Read more

Trixing with CamTrix: absurd campaign for a mini camera

A mini camera is currently being advertised on YouTube and on many high-reach websites under the name CamTrix, which is being celebrated as a major achievement in the security industry. However, this is more of a technical gimmick than a high-performance device. And the camera has nothing to do with classic security technology. The mini … Read more

Why we don’t have Black Friday

The adverts are already shouting at us: Black Friday is back on 24 November 2023. Just not for us. We are avoiding this consumer spectacle. Black Friday comes from the USA and marks the start of the Christmas shopping season. It is the day after Thanksgiving, a very cosy family celebration in the tradition of … Read more

Dual Arc defensive torch absurdly overpriced

As soon as it gets dark earlier in the evening, an exaggerated advertising campaign tries to talk you into buying a torch for 42 euros. The device is described as a “dual arc defensive torch” and a “multifunctional torch with double arc”. It is a well-known and quite good aluminium torch with 2000 lumen light … Read more

NeoWatt is a scam

Once again, scammers have launched a large-scale online campaign in which they try to promote a completely useless device as an electricity-saving miracle. The advertisement for NeoWatt states: “NeoWatt is a small, compact, affordable and easy-to-use plug-in device that prevents unnecessary power from entering your electrical lines and overloading your network.” But that’s untrue. NeoWatt … Read more