Social benefits are no longer available, nor is registering cars: encryption Trojan paralyses entire district

The administration of the Anhalt-Bitterfeld district in Germany knows a thing or two about how much damage an encryption Trojan can cause. At 6:45 a.m. on 6 July 2021, an employee in the Office for Fire Disaster Control and Rescue Services there started his computer and was greeted with the message: “District of Anhalt-Bitterfeld, you … Read more

Mailbox Size Warning for account XXX

No, your e-mail account has not reached a maximum size. The sender of this email is a fraudster who wants to steal the access data to your email account. His server is located in the USA. The perpetrators are acting under the domain, which has been hosted via the ISP It should not … Read more

Fraudulent rip-off with faked Google reviews

You are stupid and unscrupulous and want to earn a lot of money on the internet with little work? Google kindly gives you a relatively easy way to do this. You simply open 30, 40 or maybe even 50 different Google user accounts, each with a different email address. Don’t worry, Google doesn’t verify your … Read more

Fwd: A 1000€ PayPal Gutschein gewinnen..

No, you will not win a PayPal credit of EUR 1,000. This email does not come from PayPal. Behind the link lurks a malicious program with which criminals want to hijack your computer. The owners of the IP are based in Moscow. „XYZ, wir vergeben dein AMAZON-Gutschein an einen anderen Teilnemer weiter“ This is … Read more

„Password for [email protected] expire today“

If you receive an e-mail from the sender “helpdesk” under your own e-mail domain, you should be careful. If this email then also contains the claim “Password for (…) expire today”, then a criminal is trying to get hold of the access data to your email address. These are worth a lot of money. Because … Read more

“Message from your Sparkasse”

No, unfortunately this is not a “message from your Sparkasse”. It is a pishing email with which criminals try to intercept the access data to current accounts at savings banks. Do not click, delete!

Malware from the “tax advisor“

Your tax advisor is not located north of Chicago by any chance? Then you should immediately delete emails from Fernando Graham, Tax Accountant Maple Road 60103 Bartlett, IL. In particular, you should not open the attached Excel spreadsheet because it contains a link to malware.