Geekran, Dotmalls, Shirem & Co.: crazy advertising campaign for health smartwatches

Health smartwatches with fancy names such as Geekran, Dotmalls and Shirem are currently being advertised online on a grand scale. The blood glucose meter and a heart rate monitor are emphasised. The smartwatches are praised in the highest terms as the absolute technical non plus ultra.

This type of advertising is misleading and greatly exaggerated.

The devices work with the same method used by the Apple Watch and the Samsung Galaxy Watch of optically measuring the colour of the blood and measuring the temperature. This approach can provide quite acceptable values for the blood oxygen content. However, blood glucose measurement is inaccurate and heart rate measurement is even less accurate. It is not possible to measure blood pressure directly; instead, all relevant results are based on estimated values derived from the heart rate.

All of the products on offer fail to point out that the devices cannot perform the measurements they offer with the quality of a medical device, but only at the inaccurate smartwatch level.

We also have a smartwatch with the health functions of Geekran, Dotmalls and Shirem on offer, the HypTech LiveSaver ProMax. It has – at smartwatch level – all the functions of Geekran, Dotmalls and Shirem without exception, but at a lower price.