New version of LibreOffice released

For private users on a tight budget, LibreOffice has become a serious alternative to Microsoft Office. Writer is similar to Word, Calc is based on Excel, Impress on PowerPoint and Base on Access. It is worth taking a look at LibreOffice. Here you can download a new version of this free software from the internet: … Read more

Switch to Windows 11 now for free

If you have a computer or laptop with a valid licence for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10, you can install Windows 11 on your device and activate it free of charge with your existing, old licence. Microsoft may change its business practice of accepting such activation at any time. Windows 10 will continue to … Read more

Windows 11 now for almost all computers and laptops

Some basic requirements must be met by a computer or laptop for Windows 11 to be installed on the device. A dual-core 1GHz processor with 64-bit support, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage space for the operating system are minimum requirements. Everything else, however, can be bypassed. Install Windows 11 now from the comfort … Read more

Windows 11 brands incompatible devices

When buying a new computer or laptop, you should make sure that Windows 11 is preinstalled on the device and not Windows 10, because Microsoft guarantees security updates for Windows 10 only until October 2025. After that, it will be problematic to go online with Windows 10 devices. And who wants to spend money on … Read more

Reading out Windows, Office and other licence keys

Which licence key did I use to activate the Windows version on my computer? What is my Office or Photoshop licence? This question can be answered seriously and reliably by a small, free help programme from the well-known software manufacturer Abelssoft, which you can download here: You have to enter your (or any) name … Read more

Evil ideas: Can we ever build a real planet killer?

“Star Wars” is not serious science fiction, but scientifically ill-founded entertainment for the masses. Not only, but the construction of a Death Star, which plays a central role in several episodes of this narrative, may eventually be possible for humans – but it would be pointless and completely unprofitable. The Death Star is said by … Read more

Planned obsolescence: sensible or modern consumer terror?

In the 1920s, the manufacturers of light bulbs agreed that their products should no longer have a life expectancy of 2,500 hours, but only 1,000. However, this was done more to the benefit than to the detriment of their customers. After all, the most expensive part of using incandescent lamps is the electricity consumption. And … Read more

Help with software and hardware problems

We have expanded our competence centre for hardware and software in Berlin and can now offer our existing customers even more service: We help our customers free of charge by telephone, email, ticket or TeamViewer from Monday to Saturday from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.. You can reach us at the following numbers during … Read more

Background information on the trade in Microsoft licences

Every day you are inundated with advertisements for cheap licences to activate Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. Most providers last two to three years on the market, then Microsoft’s lawyers shut them down. Lizenzfuchs, Lizengo, Tornadosoft & Co. are examples of illegal business models based on fraud and copyright infringement. Anyone who falls for such … Read more

Aggressive dropshipping with Chinese products

New and old, more or less innovative Chinese products are advertised on all high-reach European websites. Their names change constantly: A smartwatch that is advertised as “TechWatch” today may be called “eWatch” two weeks later, but it is still the same product. Sophisticated sales concepts put the buyer under pressure: he should buy now, immediately, … Read more