Spam-free contact form without captcha

Spam costs lives and working time. That is why you should not publish your e-mail address on the Internet, but set up a contact form instead. Such forms can be protected from spam with captchas - if they are complicated enough to present robots with unsolvable tasks. But not every adult customer likes to choose bridges, traffic lights or motorcycles in picture puzzles.

Captchas create a barrier not only between you and the spammers, but also between you and your customers.

Alternatively, you can commission us to set up a spam-free contact form without a captcha with your company’s logo and colors for five euros per month including VAT (annual billing). See:

The data from the form will be sent to your confidential e-mail address.

Alternatively, we are also happy to use a form provided by you with HTML and PHP files, with or without access to a MySQL database. At no extra charge.

And it is also technically no problem for us to protect your domain and all associated contact forms from being accessed by spammers. But to do this, you would have to replace your existing name servers (free of charge) with our name servers. (We cannot do this for you due to a lack of access to your domain). And the protection would prevent all robots from claiming your website. Our software cannot distinguish between “good” and “bad” robots. For example, you can no longer advertise a domain that is protected from robot access on Google, because Google constantly uses robots to check the accessibility of campaign target pages and rates protected websites as offline.

Your own domain would then behave in the same way as does: Conveniently accessible for humans. Unreachable for robots.