Why we don’t have Black Friday

The adverts are already shouting at us: Black Friday is back on 24 November 2023. Just not for us. We are avoiding this consumer spectacle.

Black Friday comes from the USA and marks the start of the Christmas shopping season. It is the day after Thanksgiving, a very cosy family celebration in the tradition of the European harvest festival, which always falls on a Thursday.

Many retailers feel compelled to raise the prices of some products from October onwards, which they then seem to “discount” on Black Friday. This is silly and is now easy for most consumers to see through.

We are cheap all year round and offer friendly and knowledgeable customer service, which is often as important as the product itself when it comes to software such as Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office, as well as computers and laptops. What good is the latest version of Windows if you have an installation problem and no one is available to help?

And as a small thank you for reading this text up to this point and giving us something that is perhaps more important than money, namely your attention, we are giving you an easy-to-remember voucher code that will reduce the price of your next order from us by 10 euros, both before and after Black Friday.

It is: weihnacht2023

The code is valid once per customer in our shop and in our online shops until 31 December 2023 from a purchase value of 25 euros:




Foto oben: CC0 / Unsplash.com / Tim Mossholder; Jon Tyson