AURUM disposal concept with WEEE number for 50 euros per year

Following an amendment to the Electronics Act, anyone offering electronic devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones or smartwatches for sale to private individuals in Germany has recently been obliged to indicate the WEEE number of the company that ensures the disposal of the product on the product page as well as on their invoice. Nominally, it is the "manufacturers" of electronic devices who are concerned. However, the main burden of implementing the law clearly lies with the mail-order companies, who have to spoon out what a reality-impaired legislator has brought them.

Because the “manufacturer” is equated with every seller who offers a product manufactured abroad for the first time in Germany. And how is a trader supposed to determine who that was? He must name a disposal company registered with the EAR Foundation for each individual product in his range.

Otherwise he can no longer sell electronic devices on eBay, Amazon and other trading platforms. And for his own online shop he is threatened with a warning.

The disposal company must be insured. If he goes bankrupt, the insurance will cover the fulfilment of his disposal obligations. Anyone who wants to be registered as a disposal company pays between 800 and 1,000 euros for the insurance premium, the issuing of the guarantee certificate and his entry into the system, depending on the extent of his trading activities.

Many small traders do not have that at the moment. And that is why SoftwareFair KSP GmbH, which is registered with the EAR Foundation with its AURUM disposal concept, offers to take over the disposal obligations for small traders for 50 euros gross per year. For this amount of money, we grant your customers the right to dispose of small electrical and electronic appliances up to the size of a computer, monitors, lamps and portable batteries purchased from you with us. Our registration refers to the EAR categories:

“Small information and telecommunication technology devices that can be used in private households.”

“Small appliances that can be used in private households.”

“Large equipment that can be used in private households.”

“Display screen equipment that can be used in private households.”

“Lamps, other than gas discharge lamps, which can be used in private households.”

“Portable batteries”

You can use our WEEE number on your invoices, on eBay and Amazon as well as on all other trading platforms and on all product pages in your online shop. You will receive a PDF file from us for printing a sticker with which you can properly label the devices. Alternatively, you can also order the stickers from us. Your customers who dispose of an appliance with us will of course receive a receipt on request.

Our LaptopsFair shop in Berlin-Hellersdorf is open Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., not only but also for the acceptance of small electronic devices to be disposed of. We have all the necessary storage capacity and proof that the devices have been disposed of properly.

We can only offer our service for Germany because we do not have the infrastructure required for disposal in other EU countries.

With the AURUM disposal concept, we offer great service at a low price! Please apply for participation here: