Continuous disruption with Gmail

Since August 2022, a significant number of emails addressed to accounts at the Google mail service Gmail have not been delivered. Google has so far not responded to enquiries about this.

We have therefore removed all Gmail addresses from our newsletter and recommend that account holders re-register with another email address that is not with Gmail.

It is not reliably possible for the foreseeable future to transmit shipping information for online orders and purchased software licences to Gmail accounts. If you have a customer account with us under a Gmail address, you will not be able to change your password or otherwise use this account in any way in which you receive emails from us. Please exchange Gmail addresses for email addresses of any other provider!

Addendum of 16 August 2022: The technical problems at Gmail have now been solved insofar as most e-mails are apparently received in Gmail accounts in principle. However, they often do not appear in the mail inbox, but in the spam folder.