Karben is the wrong solution for the right problem

Not everything that the dropshippers exuberantly advertise is useless. In the case of the smart "purse" Karben, the scene of advertising euphorics is addressing a real problem that has so far only been mentioned in passing by the media. The TV report below is very revealing about this.

Yes: Thieves can secretly charge your EC and credit cards contactless. Yes: You should protect yourself against them with RFID technology.

But Karben is a technically functional but primitive and completely overpriced solution. We can offer you an elegant, real wallet made of genuine leather at half the price of Karben, which, in addition to the RFID-protected compartment for your payment cards, also has space for coins, banknotes and, for example, business cards:


The HypTech Smart Wallet with RFID protection also has a holder for an Apple AirTag or the significantly cheaper but less powerful HypTech SmartFinder compared to the AirTag, which warns you with a signal tone if your wallet is lost.

This real wallet does significantly more than Karben – for far less money.