Problems with Windows updates

Some Windows computers are always up-to-date, others are not. Microsoft has now investigated what the reason for this is. Many users have already guessed the result: computers that are constantly online continuously receive all the latest updates, while little time online leads to a traffic jam.

If the device is not connected to the internet for at least two hours – better longer – no update is downloaded, and another six hours of online time are needed for the installation. Microsoft therefore seriously recommends leaving Windows devices online at night:

“You can work to ensure that more devices across your organization meet the minimum Update Connectivity measurement by communicating with device owners, encouraging them to leave their devices plugged in and connected—instead of powering them off overnight—so that updates can download and install properly. Impress upon them the importance of keeping their devices connected so their devices can stay protected and they can stay productive.”

Anyone with as much money as Bill Gates will certainly have no problem with this solution. All other users should perhaps change the energy-saving settings of their device at least once a week during the day so that it does not remain online after less than eight hours in order to be able to load and install updates in the background.