Install Windows 11 on (almost) any hardware – solve TPM problem

The installation of Windows 11 on older computers and laptops often fails with an error message. Often the lack of support for TPM 2.0 is criticised, or the installation wizard reports other errors.

Nevertheless, Windows 11 can be installed on many devices and used for everyday purposes, including receiving updates. However, some hardware requirements must be met in order to be able to use Windows 11 on your device:

At least 4 GB DDR4 RAM must be available as working memory.

The processor must have at least two cores and must not be older than 2015.

Your device should have an SSD.

The SSD is not a formal requirement for a Windows 11 installation. But Windows 11 freezes constantly if the operating system is not started from an SSD but from an HDD.

We offer two USB sticks with help software for installing Windows 11 on devices that meet these three minimum requirements: One for EUR 32.90 with a licence for Windows 11 Pro and one for EUR 29.90 with a licence for Windows 11 Home.

Our offer also includes a support claim: If the Windows 11 installation hangs up despite the help software, open a ticket with us or call us and we will solve the problem.