What’s the catch with ThePhotoStick?

ThePhotoStick is widely advertised online. It is a USB data stick with 8 to 128 GB capacity, depending on the version, that backs up the pictures on your computer or laptop. The low-capacity versions quickly reach their limits, but with 32 to 128 GB, the user can certainly do something.

ThePhotoStick does what the product is supposed to do: You start the software and use it to back up the data you have selected. The only catch is the price. The 128 GB version costs more than 70 euros and the 64 GB version costs more than 40 euros. This is drastically overpriced and doesn’t have to be.

We offer you ThePhotoStick Fair with more performance for less money: Our USB 3.0 data stick is made of solid steel instead of plastic, and the software allows you to select other data to back up besides photos and videos. The data backup can also be automated.

Available here for only EUR 13.90: https://www.laptops-fair.de/software/thephotostick