Xtra PC: Advertising hype about ordinary Linux

Xtra PC is the advertising name of a self-booting Linux data pen with which you can start and use your computer or laptop at lightning speed even if your operating system is shot or Microsoft Windows seems to have frozen. Such an emergency data pen is obviously useful and, purely as a precaution, is one of the accessories that every computer user should keep on hand.

What an American-style advertising campaign makes of this, however, is remarkable. The Linux pen is being touted as a veritable miracle cure. And the buyers are kept in the dark about the fact that Linux is a free operating system to which no one has the rights, with the consequence that anyone can and may copy Linux themselves free of charge. In addition, the advertising is embellished with fictitious product reviews.

In fact, the Xtra-PC data pen makes it possible to reuse old computers even without a hard disk. The included Office version and other software allows you to use a writing programme, do simple image editing, surf the Internet, read and send e-mails and use many other standard computer applications. However, apart from the hard disk, the computer or laptop must still function. It is irrelevant whether an operating system is installed on the device and which one it is, because Xtra PC is an operating system itself.

However, the user must be able to call up the BIOS of his device and change the boot sequence so that the device boots from the USB drive first. After all, this is exactly where the Xtra PC pen is plugged in. Our customer service will be happy to help you by phone on 030 – 66 40 84 14.

The makers of the absurd advertising campaigns are selling Xtra PC completely overpriced. The version with 64 GB of storage space costs (as of March 2022) more than 70 euros. The nonsensical advertising seems to be very expensive. We, on the other hand, do without advertising and can therefore offer Xtra PC 64 GB for 19.90 euros.

By the way, you can’t find out the amount of memory on the data pen under Windows by clicking the right mouse button. This is because it is not a software for use under Windows, but a separate operating system for use instead of Windows. Instead, the storage space is displayed under Windows in the disk management.