Misleading advertising for an overpriced product: The RangeXTD trap

If you don’t know it, you at least suspect it: Advertising lies. This also applies to the advertising that has been widely present online for some time now, which wants to mislead us into buying a very average and, moreover, outdated WLAN amplifier that is advertised as RangeXTD. About this device it is claimed:

“Don’t pay extra to upgrade your internet plan, order RangeXTD instead and enjoy an incredible increase in your WLAN speed!”

This representation is misleading. Because a WLAN booster cannot increase the speed of a WLAN network, but only extend its range. And that is exactly what the RangeXTD does. However, only with a data transmission rate of nominally 300 mbps at the most, which is sufficient for Internet in a 2G or 3G network. 4G and even more so 5G are significantly faster, and that is why WLAN amplifiers with 300 mbps are discontinued models.

Discontinued models are usually cheap. WLAN amplifiers with 300 mbps are regularly offered in the price range between 20 and 30 euros. The RangeXTD, however, costs EUR 49.95. That is simply overpriced.

RangeXTD is not a manufacturer and not a protected trademark, but merely an advertising name of dropshippers who do not carry out sales themselves, but broker them and, in the case of the RangeXTD, trigger a shipping process in China. It takes weeks for the product to reach the buyer. There is no right of return, warranty or after-sales service.

Due to the extensive advertising hype with the name RangeXTD, this term is frequently googled by people looking for a WLAN amplifier. We have therefore compared various WLAN amplifiers with current 1200 mbps data transfer rates, selected the best one from them and now offer it as RangeXTD FAST for EUR 35.90 – cheaper than the dropshippers get their 300-mbps device. And with a return policy, warranty and dedicated customer service to help set up the WLAN amplifier if needed.