Background information on the trade in Microsoft licences

Every day you are inundated with advertisements for cheap licences to activate Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. Most providers last two to three years on the market, then Microsoft’s lawyers shut them down. Lizenzfuchs, Lizengo, Tornadosoft & Co. are examples of illegal business models based on fraud and copyright infringement. Anyone who falls for such … Read more

“Message from your Sparkasse”

No, unfortunately this is not a “message from your Sparkasse”. It is a pishing email with which criminals try to intercept the access data to current accounts at savings banks. Do not click, delete!

Malware from the “tax advisor“

Your tax advisor is not located north of Chicago by any chance? Then you should immediately delete emails from Fernando Graham, Tax Accountant Maple Road 60103 Bartlett, IL. In particular, you should not open the attached Excel spreadsheet because it contains a link to malware.

Pishing Mail Commerzbank

More than 11 million people have a current account with Commerzbank. Reason enough for criminals to fish for access data to Commerzbank accounts. If you receive such a mail, please delete it!

Aggressive dropshipping with Chinese products

New and old, more or less innovative Chinese products are advertised on all high-reach European websites. Their names change constantly: A smartwatch that is advertised as “TechWatch” today may be called “eWatch” two weeks later, but it is still the same product. Sophisticated sales concepts put the buyer under pressure: he should buy now, immediately, … Read more