Problems with Windows updates

Some Windows computers are always up-to-date, others are not. Microsoft has now investigated what the reason for this is. Many users have already guessed the result: computers that are constantly online continuously receive all the latest updates, while little time online leads to a traffic jam. If the device is not connected to the internet … Read more

Outlook search function paralysed

The Windows update KB5008212 from December 2021 has crippled the search function in Outlook. Before Microsoft solves the problem in a later update, you can improvise to use the search anyway: Start Outlook. Then start the Windows Task Manager via the “bracket handle” by clicking [Strg] + [Shift] + [Esc] at the same time. Then … Read more

Youtube threatened with blocking in Russia

Normally, things work the other way round: Youtube blocks videos that supposedly or actually violate some vague Google rules. Or Youtube deletes entire channels because the content is unacceptable. Now, however, the Russians are turning the tables and threatening Youtube with a block in Russia. This is reported by RT Deutsch with reference to the … Read more

Misleading advertising for an overpriced product: The RangeXTD trap

If you don’t know it, you at least suspect it: Advertising lies. This also applies to the advertising that has been widely present online for some time now, which wants to mislead us into buying a very average and, moreover, outdated WLAN amplifier that is advertised as RangeXTD. About this device it is claimed: “Don’t … Read more